About Our Aircraft

We have a fleet of Aircraft that we use for our scenic flights. The GA8 Airvan aircraft is quiet, efficient and comfortable for a roomy and relaxed flight. Our GippsAero GA8 Airvan aircraft was built here in Victoria. This model was chosen for a number of reasons.  The windows on the GA8 are the largest of any light aircraft. Coupled with the high wing design this allows for an unrivalled viewing experience. During the warmer summer months, the air-conditioning system delivers plenty of cool air.

GA8 Airvan Aircraft Specifications

Crew - 1 or 2
Passengers - Up to 7 people
Freight Capacity - 600kg
Cruise Speed - 220km/h
Maximum Altitude - 10000ft
Air Conditioning -  Yes
GPS Tracking - Yes
Lavatory - No
Headsets - Yes

Piper Chieftain Aircraft Specifications

Crew: 1 or 2
Passengers: Up to 10 people
Weight Limit (incl. passengers and their luggage): 750kg
Luggage Capacity: Larger bags, Surfboards 8+ft, Golf Clubs and other sporting equipment can be accepted.
Air Conditioning:  No
Engine: Twin Engine
Flying times: 24 hour capabilities
Weather restrictions: All weather flying
Lavatory:  No
Headsets:  Yes