Frequently Asked Questions

Great Ocean Air - FAQ's

Read our FAQ's for Frequently Asked Questions and if you have a questions that is no listed here, please email us directly.

Additional Information:

Smoking is not permitted on aircraft.Dangerous goods (such as aerosols, paint, matches, gas stoves, firearms/ammunition etc.) are normally not permitted on board aircraft and must be declared to your flight crew prior to boarding to ensure the safety of your flight.

We recommend one bag up to seven kg per passenger unless otherwise agreed.


Are you available at all times to book a flight?


We are available seven days a week to answer your enquiry or to book a flight or to charter the aircraft. Flights & charters are subject to availability and weather.  We can personalise a solution for you and tailor a flight plan, or you may choose a hassle free approach and choose one of our many flights or package deals.

How much does it cost?


Our airvan is typically charged out at approximatley $700 per hour and it cruises at 220 km/h.   However, we offer an exact price as there are many factors in play that effect the flight time and distance, as well as landing fees and airspace charges.  So just contact us for a quote.

How do I book?


Please fill in our online enquiry form or Call us directly on 0418 643 401.

Charter Flights

How far in advance do I need to call to reserve an aircraft?


Customers book months ahead for special events while others call us 30 minutes before.   There is no set rule.

Can we charter the plane one way only?


Yes of course, though this usually means having to cover the cost of the aircraft returning to base empty.

Does the cost change with number of people on the flight?


Generally, no.  However there are some circumstances where there may be some small additional costs as a result of having to limit fuel load for example.

General Information

Do I need to confirm my booking?


Yes.   Bookings need to be confirmed an hour before the flight. Call our pilots Anatole on 1300 341 006 or Jeff on 0418 643 401 or to confirm your flight. Please refer to our Terms and Conditions for further information.

Are there additional costs that I will find out about after the trip is completed?


No!  We will give you a set price up front.

How can I pay for the flight?


Bank transfer or credit card are the usual ways to pay.


Do I require tickets to fly?


No, tickets are not required to board the aircraft.  We may require you to show identification.

How soon do I need to be at the airport before I board my flight?


We will usually see you 20 minutes before the scheduled flight to allow time for a safety briefing and to board.

May I bring my pets with me?


No sadly!  No animals can fly excluding seeing eye dogs.

Is there a maximum limit of luggage I can take with me?


Yes.  At the time of booking we will discuss total passenger weight and luggage.  Small aircraft are weight liimited.  You should plan on light luggage.  Typlically this is 7kg if the flight is full.  If less than 7 passenger we are usually able to take more luggage.

How many seats does the private aircraft have?


Our airvan has 7 passenger seats.


What locations do you fly to?


We service most locations in Victoria, eastern South Australia, Tasmania and King Island.

Are meals served on the flight?


Usually there is no food service however you can bring a snack.  Snakes are our pilots favourite treat!   We are happy to provide a special hamper or lunch.  Our caterer is very good at preparing a gourmet hamper.

Do the aircraft have lavatory facilities on board?


No, there are no toilet facilities on board.  Generally most flights are under 2 hours.

What happens when I arrive at my destination?


Depends on where we are going.  We can arrange to have you met at the airport or you make your own arrangements.  We have transport options at most of our usual airports.

How long can the aircraft remain at it's destination?


As long as you like.  After 2 hours there is an hourly fee charged to cover pilot wage costs.

How many crew members will be on board?


There is one experienced pilot in command of your aircraft.

Is the aircraft safe?


YES!  The GA8 Airvan is designed and built to 21st century air worthiness standards.  From fuel system design to energy absorbing seats, the airvan is perhaps the safest single piston engine aircraft flying.

What information do you require to secure a booking?


We will plan the route with you, decide on passenger numbers and confirm a price.  You then pay a deposit to secure the booking.

Can gift vouchers be purchased?


Yes, you can book and pay for a gift voucher on our website or pay over the phone.

Am I able to take photographs from the plane?


Yes!  Every seat is a window seat with great views.

Do you fly if the weather forecast predicts bad weather?


This depends on the weather.  Our aircraft are limited to flying in visual conditions.  Low cloud or bad weather can prevent us from flying with passengers.  The risk of a weather delay is greater than say, with a jet aircraft operated by an airline.  This possibility of a weather related delay is a risk you need to understand and allow for when you book - We can't guarantee the weather!

Is it OK to fly when I am pregnant?


Yes, if it is ok by your doctor it is ok by us.

Are babies and toddlers allowed on flights?


Yes, in a standard car baby seat attached with our car like 3 point seat belt, usually we will require you to provide your baby's car seat or capsule.

Can I be catered to if I have a special dietary requirement?


Yes of course.  If we are providing one of our great hampers, we will fill it with whatever suits you.

Is it OK for elderly and frail people to fly?


Yes, it is not much different to travelling in a car.

Can we alter our booking?


Yes of course.  We will accommodate any change we can.

What do I need to bring on the flight?


Just yourself and a big smile and perhaps a camera too.