Jeff Brooks Photography

Jeff Brooks is a Barwon Heads based pilot who has been flying for 36 years. His love of photography goes back to his schools days and the use of his Lubitel Twin Lens Reflex camera.

Almost all of his aerial photography now is on digital format although he still occasionally shoots with medium format film and also uses 120 roll film in pinhole photography. Sometimes with the right image printing using the Casein process can produce amazing results. This process is a beautiful manual labour of love that creates something extraordinary and entirely unique.

Jeff loves to roam the sky across Victoria, Tasmania and South Australia searching for interesting landscapes, cloudscapes and form to photograph, particularly early in the morning and late in the day when the colour and shadows present imagery not witnessed by many. Crossing 3 States in one flight is not unusual.

All images can be ordered online and in a variety of sizes. Unframed prints are posted out in large tubes. If you would like us to frame your print for you, we can also arrange delivery via courier mail (if not too large!) or if you would like to save on postage cost, please drop by and pick up your prints in person.

A variety of paper types are used to print on. We usually recommend a preferred paper type to suit the image, but we are happy to print on other types of papers if you have a specific preference in mind.

Wilpena Pound

"Approaching The Pound"

Tracking into the Flinders Ranges it is always exciting to see the shape and form of Wilpena Pound appear on the horizon.

Looking more like an impact crater than a more conventionally formed geological feature the Pound always inspires. This image is taken from

a vantage point few will see - approaching from the west at 7500' on a glorious South Australian day.

Village By The Sea

Classic image of Barwon Heads. Photo taken over the ocean looking to the north west with the village of Barwon Heads surrounded by water on three sides. Lake Connewarre is behind Barwon Heads

and Geelong in the background. The Barwon River weaves its way towards you as you look at this. 13th Beach, The Bluff and the river make this a great memory.

Painted Hills

"Rocket Launch" The Painted Hills, near Womera, outback South Australia.

A favourite location - especially late in the day with a setting sun. The magic colours of the outback with warm sunset colours and shadow.

This wind formed geological formation of sandstone stands tall.

Stand Tall

Exploring The Painted Hills near Womera is a constant journey of discovery - particularly as shadows highlight features lost at midday.

This image represents to me the timeless elegance that is the Australian Outback.

Morning Light

I love the shadows of this image - taken as the sun rose in Western Victoria.

Lake Corangamite

Exploring the lakes and craters country of western Victoria is always a treat. This photo near Pirron Yallock looking NW to Lake Corangamite

on a calm evening is good for the soul.

Grampians Flow

Taken looking South, this photo shows moist air moving East, banking up against the Grampians before spilling over onto the dry Hamilton side.

The flow of this cloud was fast and continuous, a magnificent sight early on a Sunday morning.

Apostle Dreams

The 12 Apostles delight on every day - even when you are not expecting it. On shore flow of moist air producing a dramatic early morning show.